This is of one a kind handmade Moto Jacket is made out with a handmade west African cloth. We padded it with a foam to make it durable and sturdy. A silk lining and quality zippers to keep it luxurious. The is the first Jacket we designed and we call it a house classic since it never goes out of style and is still a favorite. We thought that the usual use of the cloths ( bed frames, pillows, table cloth, simple shirts) was not giving justice to this beautiful and intricate fabric. So we decide to design a series of high-end wear that would bring the shine on this cloth that we love. What would be better than to start with a classic Moto Jacket? They are 100% organic cotton, hand woven, hand stitched, and hand dyed.

Note: This style is made to order and is available in both vintage and new cloths. Because both cloth and trims are handmade and unique, each garment will be different.

African Indigo Moto Jacket